Further Reading

Under construction. Eventually some wayward pathfinder will make this region easier to navigate, and linked blogs will have some wordsauce so that their flavors aren’t a guessing game for my readers. For now, though…

…just gonna share some links to my three favorites.

Zak Sabbath’s Gaming Blog – where Zak Sabbath/Smith talks about his own games, game design, GM tips, and a deconstruction of all of those things. My favorite post of his isn’t actually on his blog – it’s a breakdown of the storygame vs. OSR divideEventually my own writing will also touch on those things, but this covers everything I plan to say, really.

Arnold Kemp’s Gaming Blog – Goblin Punch is my go-to place for random generators and crazy ideas. I highly recommend his Catherine post for something truly mind-bending.

Chris McDowall’s Gaming Blog – Into the Odd is a minimalist free dungeon-crawling game which I guess qualifies for the “best game I’ve never played”. Go play it! For a sample of his stuff, read his automachine examples of OSR monster design.