The Dawn State in 13 Items

Today, a short post, inspired by Trilemma’s 13 Items Challenge. Here is the Dawn State in 13 items.


  • 1 tail feather from an Angelwrecker skyship
  • 38 cases of carrion wine
  • 3 tightly restricted books of Deep Folklore
  • a 1:20 dilution of Lust-infused ichor in aqua nucifera
  • 1 wheelwright’s compass (holy symbol)
  • 1 custom-made cinquedea (short sword)
  • 1 lantern shield, standard-issue
  • 2 separate editions of the same Academy textbook
  • 1 goblin fertility idol, in the form of a smooth, featureless stone
  • 5 Empire broadsheets, standard-issue
  • 1 prayer wheel inscribed with the Tale of the First Cleric
  • 1 diplomat’s mask
  • 12 “Oolong Panda” tea bricks, used as currency

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